Cookies Policy

What is a cookie

Like many other professional websites, our website uses cookie files to function properly.

Cookie files are small text files which are downloaded or created on your device when you visit our website. This allows us to recognize your visits and to store certain information about your preferences or past activities on our website, which ultimately allows us to improve your experience on our website.

How we use cookies

To understand how the users use our services and how to improve them, we store service information in cookie files. Detailed reasons for such use are given below. It is recommended that you accept our using cookies if you are unsure whether to use them.

If you create an account on our website, we will use cookies to manage registration and general administration process. When you log into the system, we remember this fact with the help of cookies. This eliminates the need for you to log in each time you visit a new page with secure access. These cookie files are usually deleted or they are deleted when you log out and are only used to provide access to secure features and areas of the website only when you log in for the first time.

Some cookie files are necessary to ensure that the service or the order you have selected is remembered between page clicks for its correct processing and completion.  Cookies are also used to store information on your previous visits and preferences in the form of restricted text information.

Some of the cookies we use are persistent, which means that they are stored on your device for a year.

Since we sell services, it is important for us to collect and process statistics in regard to the visits to our website and this is the data that cookies will trace. This is very important for you as it means that we will be able to make better business forecasts and to track our advertising and product costs to ensure the best price.

How to disable cookies

Many web browsers allow you to control cookies through settings. You can turn off cookies by changing your browser settings. Links to instructions for the most popular browsers are provided below:

If your browser is not on the list, ask your software provider for detailed instructions.

Please, note that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of our website. Turning off cookie files usually results in disabling certain features and capabilities of websites.