Cash Acceptance and Refund Policy

FCMlab OÜ, registered as Private limited company (PLC) on 14.02.2019 under number 14662130 at Harju maakond, Tallinn, Põhja-Tallinna linnaosa, Randla tn 13-201, 10315 (hereinafter referred to as FCMLAB), may accept and refund cash from/to clients using bank transfers, Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards or other electronic payment systems available for use on the company’s website, subject to full and precise compliance with the provisions of the current laws, as well as with policies and rules established by the issuers of electronic means of payment.

In accordance with AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (“know your customer”) policies, the company:

  • Conducts the procedures related to the customer’s personal identification;

  • Controls financial and other transactions of the customer, keeps records of and processes them;

  • Does not accept or pay cash in hand;

  • Makes a refund only through the same payment systems through which the funds were previously received by the company.

Refund to the client is possible:

  • In full, if the actual work related to the service was not carried out by the company or was carried out improperly. Refund of cash is possible received through payment systems offered on the Company’s corporate website.

  • Partial refund is possible after deduction of the financial costs and liabilities of the company arisen in relation to commencement of the performance of the service paid by the client at any stage of the customer’s interaction with the Company, if the client has clearly expressed his/her unwillingness to continue cooperation.

In this case, commission fees and other disbursements arising in case of the need for such refund shall be paid by:

  • The company, in case if the company does not fulfill or improperly fulfills its obligations;

  • The customer, in case if refund is initiated by the customer and at his/her own request (the customer has the right to receive back his/her funds less commission fees of respective payment systems).

In order to make a refund, the customer who has previously paid for any of the company’s services shall prepare a written application with a request indicating the reasons for refund or the reasons for refusal to use the company’s services, and shall send it to the company via the feedback form or by e-mail The term of consideration of such requests is up to five full business days, inclusively. The company notifies the client of the decision taken and the ways to repay (return) funds by e-mail specified in the customer’s personal information.

Please, note that cash refund transaction, in case if a decision on such refund is taken by the company’s specialists, will be completed within five business days from the date of decision-making on the client’s application. The time of actual receipt of funds largely depends on a particular payment system and can range from a few minutes (in case of using transfers through electronic payment systems) to several days (for bank payments).