About FCMLab

FCMLab develops specialized software for financial companies. We are ready to offer the customer fully functional solutions on the basis of advanced modern technologies.

About the Company

FCMLab's technologies

When developing software for financial companies, FCMLab uses modern technologies that provide high speed, reliable storage and transmission of data, flexibility of settings, open architecture and scalability.

About the Company

Solutions of FCMLab

Ready-made solutions of FCMLab include: trading platforms for the organization of brokerage services, integrated CRM-systems and databases, standard websites for various types of financial companies, including the administrative part and the "Personal account".

About the Company

"Turnkey» development

In accordance with the wishes of the customer, FMLab is ready to develop "turnkey" any software for financial companies, according to terms of reference, with the existing developments or completely "from scratch".

About the Company
Software programs

Trading platforms of FCMLab allow organizing a full brokerage services in the financial markets. We are ready to offer operating, customizable platforms for the Forex market, binary options market, cryptocurrency and smart contracts market. If necessary, FCMLab is ready to develop a trading platform "from scratch" in accordance with the wishes of a particular customer.

Software programs

Integrated CRM-systems and management systems of companies (projects) from FCMLab allow providing highly effective relationships with customers taking into account the wishes of each customer. Business management using the systems described becomes clear for management and understandable for each member of your team (from top managers to employees). Storage of all data is possible on the customer's servers.

Software programs

FM Lab is ready to develop "from scratch" or offer a standard solution for the website of a brokerage company (Forex, binary options, cryptocurrency exchanges, etc.). The development of the brokerage company's website includes a full, customizable solution that contains a "Personal account" of the client, an administrative part and is integrated with a wide range of payment systems. The modular structure will allow the customer to choose the very functionality needed.

Software programs

Related software from the company FCMLab will fully or partially automate certain aspects of the business using modern technologies. We are ready to offer automated systems for organizing customer service, specialized databases, and other software, including elements of artificial intelligence.

Software programs

If necessary, FCMLab is ready to develop automated trading systems (trading robots, expert advisers, scripts, indicators) that can work both on the basis of proprietary trading platforms and on the basis of third-party platforms, including MT4/MT5 platforms from MetaQuotes Software Inc. Automated trading systems can be developed on the basis of customer orders

our advantages
Wide range of ready-made solutions
Flexible pricing
Softaware limited deadlines
Hosting on the customer's servers
Scalability of all solutions
Advanced technologies of programming
Bonuses for regular customers
Full technical support


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